The School of Communication, Media & the Arts

In the School of Communication, Media & the Arts at Sacred Heart University, we believe in the power of stories. And each of our four graduate programs invite students to join the ranks of the most influential storytellers: the media. Our graduate programs are designed for learning in the twenty-first century. They combine the traditional classroom experience with hands-on learning and professional experiences. Our faculty is comprised of established scholars and award-winning professionals with experience in every sector of the communications and media industry that will guide students through individualized programs of study.


BJMP| Master’s in Broadcast Journalism & Media Production


Today broadcast journalism and multimedia production are in the midst of a revolution in the way news is covered and will be covered in the future. It is driven predominantly by two factors: technology and economics. One or two individuals are gradually replacing the traditional “teams” of professionals that were formally used to cover a story. Digital cameras and laptop editing are making this former model of news coverage obsolete. The digital journalist and production specialist is emerging as the model of the future. BJMP students will focus on this new concept and be ready to enter the workforce. Throughout the program students will develop the technical, editorial and theoretical skills necessary for preparation as a digital journalist and production specialist. Emphasis will be placed on research, writing, ethics, interviewing, reporting, recording video and audio, editing and producing.


SCPR| Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications & Public Relations


At Sacred Heart, we pair theory and practice in a master’s program that provides essential communications knowledge and exciting, hands-on experience. Through this program, you will:

  • Gain the advanced skills needed to communicate effectively across a variety of media platforms

  • Learn to plan, create and distribute multimedia content

  • Acquire skills that will help you succeed in various segments of the media industry, including corporate communications, public relations, social media, advertising, broadcasting, entertainment television and film

  • Develop a theoretical, historical and practical understanding of the fields of strategic communication, media studies and public relations

  • Study the ethical and social responsibilities that come with being a professional communicator

  • Develop the technical skills necessary to create and implement strategic communication campaigns, events and presentations

  • Enhance your communication, time management, teamwork, problem solving, planning, organizing and leadership skills

  • Complete an internship and capstone project


FTMA| Master’s Degree in Film & Television


Our goal is to inspire and empower students to find their independent, artistic and intellectual visions by creating their own content. Students immerse themselves in the form and techniques of film, television, and transmedia storytelling. FTMA offers small class sizes centered on in-class lectures, workshops and hands-on productions. Every student works closely with a mentor or industry professional, who also serves as that student’s artistic and academic advisor for the entire year-long program. Students tailor their professional skills based on their individualized goals while our faculty guides them toward completing meaningful projects and developing professional partnerships. FTMA students complete the program with real work experience and a finished professional reel ready for the job market. 


SCM| Master’s Degree in Sports Communication & Media


The Master of Arts in Sports Communication and Media is specifically designed from a humanities tradition to showcase multimedia production and capitalize on Sacred Heart University’s ideal geographic location in the heart of the US sports media industry. Students will receive intensive training in the art and craft of digital storytelling across multiple media platforms from traditional television to contemporary social media as they move through a program designed to produce responsible and participatory citizens with well-develop‌ed critical thinking skills. The graduates of the Master of Arts program in Sports Communication and Media will be prepared to find employment as content creators and professional communicators in the sports media industry.