The School of Communications and Media Arts

The MACOMM Program

Powerful stories need powerful storytellers. With concentrations in corporate communication and public relations, digital multimedia journalism, and digital multimedia production, the master’s in communication (MACOMM) program positions its students to stand out as innovative storytellers and content creators in today’s media industry.



Corporate Communications and Public Relations (CCPR)

CCPR students learn to plan, create, and distribute multimedia publicity for organizations and businesses. The program gives students the professional multimedia skills they need to be competitive in the field of communications and public relations.

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Digital/Multimedia Production (DMP)

The DMP program gives students the opportunity to gain advanced production skills tailored to their specific interests in areas like sport/athletic communication, advertising, or advanced digital film and video production.


Digital/Multimedia Journalism (DMJ)                 

The DMJ program trains aspiring journalists to be a one-person crew and “all platform” news producers in the post-print, digital era. The program prepares students to become  news producers and new media journalists trained in the latest technologies and multimedia techniques.


Sports Communication and Media (SCM)

The Master of Arts in Sport Communication and Media is specifically capitalizes on Sacred Heart University's ideal geographic location in the heart of the U.S. sports media industry. Students will receive intensive training in the art and craft of digital storytelling across multiple media platforms from traditional television to contemporary social media. Graduates will be prepared to find employment as content creators and professional communicators in the sports media industry.


Media Literacy and Digital Culture (MLDC)

The MLDC graduate program allows students to explore the relationship between media, culture and society in today's media-saturated world. Students will develop the skills necessary to critically analyze the intersections of media and culture while fostering their creativity and social awareness. Students will be prepared to find employment as educators and media practitioners along with non-profit, community and social service managers.

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Film and Television Masters Program (FTMA)

Students in the Film and Television Graduate Program immerse themselves in the form and techniques of film, television, and transmedia storytelling. Focusing on story and hands-on production, FTMA students learn the craft and techniques that will empower them to stand out in the crowd in today's new media market.