"Fake News" It Is Not Just Coming Out of Trump's Mouth

By Catherine Hulme

Fake news has been in the news so to speak ever since Donald Trump started using the phrase after he was elected as President.  But it’s not just happening in America, folks! Nope. Fake news is blooming all over the world.  It’s ‘YUUUGE’ EVERYWHERE and it’s been happening for centuries.

Fake news dates as far back as Ancient Rome. In the form of , Marie Antoinette.

While less common in Ancient Rome, today, fake news is practically an epidemic. Sites are popping up all over the world and leaders, like Mr. Trump are arguing that anything they don’t agree with is “fake news.”

So what exactly has been happening recently around the world that is debatable to believe? 


Just recently, the president of Syria said that reports accusing his regime of torture was “fake news.”  Around 13,000 prisoners were killed at a Syrian prison… He also said that any photos taken of the prisoners were “photoshopped.” Don’t believe me? Watch the vid below! 

Still don’t believe me? Here’s another one… A XXXXX said that people who fled South Sudan were sending fake news and hate speech back into the country via social media which is inciting violence against people back in their country!