We’re Underway!

public radio.jpg

Preparations for the 7th annual SHU Media Exchange are underway. This year’s show, “An Independent Voice,” is all about WSHU and its mission of building a better community through quality radio programing. 

Students from Sacred Heart’s MACOMM program are so excited to share all the work we’ve put into this event. Last year, our show was all about fake news; this year, we’ll concentrate on the importance of public radio and how it gives listeners a clear understanding of the most important news topics. To help us with that, a number of news reporters from WSHU will join our discussion panel, which will once again be moderated by Faith Daniels. 

When we began working on this year’s Exchange, students broke into groups that largely mirrored the areas of study available in MACOMM. We have outreach students developing web content, digital graphics, and social media content – and that’s in addition to their responsibilities of making sure all of this year’s guests have a great experience. Meanwhile, our production students are developing a set and determining the entire look and feel of the Exchange, down to every camera angle.  

We have a loaded list of discussion topics for this year’s program that includes: gun control, tolls, marijuana legalization, the education gap, DACA, roads, and, of course, the looming budget crisis. All of these issues have a direct impact on our future and our children’s future. 

We have such a great group of panelists to help us dive into these important issues. Be sure to follow us on Facebook @SHUexchange, Twitter @SHUMediaXchange and Instagram @shumediaexchange to keep up all of the latest developments heading into this year’s Exchange.