Producer, Editorial

Alexa Binkowitz is a graduate student in Sacred Heart University's Broadcast Journalism and Media Production master’s program, with anticipated completion in August of 2019. She graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts from Sacred Heart in May of 2018, with minors in criminal justice and English. During her undergraduate career, she was the Editor-In-Chief of Sacred Heart’s official campus newspaper, The Spectrum, while also being highly involved in other diverse areas of Sacred Heart’s campus life. She has previously interned with NBCUniversal’s The Steve Wilkos Show, TownVibe Magazines, and The Odyssey Online. Her internship experiences as well as her passion for the truth and journalistic integrity have allowed her to thrive in the fast-paced environment that is the news media.  As the Editorial Producer for this year’s Media Exchange, she has been responsible for extensive content research, topic discussion and event preparation. In the near future, she is planning on applying to law school with intended focuses in either criminal or media law. 

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Christian Carter

Editorial, wshu fellow

Christian Carter earned both of his M.A. and B.A. degrees in Communications with a concentration in Digital Multimedia Journalism from Sacred Heart University. Christian currently works as a news reporter for WSHU Public Radio, an National Public Radio an associate producer for WSHU’s news talk show, The Full Story, hosted by Ron Ropiak.  As a graduate student, Christian also held the role as Editorial Producer for the 2018 Media Exchange. As an undergraduate, he was president of the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) chapter, senior producer for “The Pulse,” and worked as a staff reporter for Sacred Heart’s campus newspaper, the Spectrum, and co-hosted a radio show on WHRT Radio. Christian held several internships ranging from sports media production to public relations. He was also a Division 1 track and field athlete and worked as a local mentor to students in the Bridgeport community.  Now, Christian plans to obtain a mid-level news reporter/producer position in a tv or radio broadcast medium to inform the public of stories that’re uncovered by major networks.

Natalie Cioffari

Editorial, WSHU Fellow 


Natalie Cioffari is a graduate student in Sacred Heart University's Master's in Broadcast Journalism and Media Production. She graduated Sacred Heart with a bachelor's degree in Media Arts with a concentration in Journalism. She currently works as a News Fellow for WSHU Public Radio, a National Public Radio affiliate. She is also one of their associate producers for their new midday talk show "The Full Story," where she has co-produced over 25 shows, and solely produced 6 shows. During her undergraduate years, she was the Editor-In-Chief of The Spectrum Newspaper and highly involved in with the school’s television show The Pulse & the school’s magazine, Pioneer Magazine. She's helped multiple internships for companies such as News 12 Connecticut, MTV News, ABC7NY, and ABC's “The Chew.” She's worked with celebrities and other executives to help with their day to day tasks, shows, and writing. Through her numerous internships, heavy course load, and involvement on campus and off campus, Natalie has taken her passion for multimedia journalism to an extensive level. She truly loves what she does everyday.


SAbrina Garone

Editorial, wshu fellow

Sabrina Garone is a first year graduate student in the Broadcast Journalism and Media Production program. She received her bachelor’s degree in Media Arts with a concentration in Journalism from Sacred Heart University in 2018. She is currently working as a graduate assistant at WSHU Public Radio, helping with the production of their afternoon talk show, The Full Story. As an undergraduate, Sabrina worked as the editorial producer for the campus TV news/magazine show, The Pulse, and was a section editor for the campus newspaper, The Spectrum. During her time at Sacred Heart, she has held internships at News 12 Long Island, OutsideTV and Richner Communications Inc.