Nicholas Capitelli

Producer, Live Production

Nicholas Capitelli, originally from Queens, NY, graduated from Sacred Heart University in just three years with a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts, Film & Television. He then continued his education for his fourth year by joining the Masters of Arts in Communications program, where he will graduate from this summer with a master’s degree in Digital Multimedia Production.

Over the past academic year, Nicholas served as the Graduate Assistant for the MACOMM program, assisting production students both inside and outside of the classroom. He also served as a Marketing Graduate Assistant for SHU’s Student Life Department, where he produced advertisements for and videos of a variety of campus events. Nicholas also worked on an array of miscellaneous events throughout the past year, including the live broadcasts of all of the 2016 SHU Varsity Football home games, freelance production for the Diocese of Bridgeport, as well as the productions for a number of events within SHU’s School of Communications.

For The 6th Annual SHU Media Exchange, Nicholas served as a Co-Producer of Studio Production, overseeing all broadcast preparations for the day of the event and helping to train each student in his or her role. He also will be directing the live broadcast of the SHU Media Exchange, which will be streamed on both the event’s homepage, as well as on the website of WSHU Radio, the ninth leading public radio station in the nation.

Upon graduating in August 2017, Nicholas hopes to pursue a career in television studio production and apply all of the valuable skills and lessons he has obtained during his time at Sacred Heart in the professional world.


Talal Albakri

Producer, Live Production

Talal Albakri is a 30-year-old native of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He earned his undergraduate degree in Mass communication in Radio and Television from king Abdulaziz University. Talal is in the last semester of his master’s program, Communication: Digital Multimedia Production at Sacred Heart University. He is currently an intern at the International Admissions office at Sacred Heart University.

Talal is a passionate person and he just performed his first concert with Alfarabi music band in New York City this year. He had worked with several media production companies back in Saudi Arabia over the last five years. Talal has very strong production skills with a wide experience with post production. His production experience lead him to get a position at SHU Media Exchange 2017 as studio production producer.

Talal hopes to continue his career in studio production. 


Abdullah Aljunaydil

Live Production

Abdullah Aljunaydil is currently a full-time graduate student, studying for a Master in Communication at Sacred Heart University with a concentration on Digital Multimedia Production.  He has a B.A. in Marketing Communication & Advertising from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Currently, he is an intern at public radio station WSHU as photojournalist. After graduation from the MACOMM program, Abdullah hopes to work in the production industry. He has the passion to continue developing his skills within the communications and the production industry. During Abdullah’s free time, he enjoys kayaking. 

Badr Alyahya

Live Production

Badr Alyahya has earned a bachelor degree in public relation from King Saud University in Riyadh. Currently, he is pursuing a master degree in digital multimedia production at Sacred Heart University. He is expected to graduate in August 2017.

He has recently worked with Diocese of Bridgeport as an editor, as well as a volunteer photographer the southern New England locale. He hopes to become a photojournalist or videographer after graduation.

Some fun facts about Badr are that he enjoys playing soccer, tennis, and basketball as well as watching movies.


Hanin Zakari.jpg

Hanin Zakari

Live Production

Hanin Zakari is an international student from Saudi Arabia. She received her Bachelor of Art in Mass Communication with a specialization in Journalism at King Abdulaziz University; currently, she is pursuing her last semester in Communication: Digital Multimedia Production at Sacred Heart University.

Hanin also works with the International Admissions office at Sacred Heart University as a Marketing and Communications expert. Back in Saudi Arabia, she had the chance to work with Jeddah’s Radio Station as a Radio Preparation Programmer. The knowledge she accumulated from her Bachelor and Master degrees, combined with her professional experience, has grown her skills formidably in both image and video capture and production, as well as her capabilities in the editorial and communications field.

Hanin is passionate about her field, and she desires to pursue a career in media production.


Nyasa Jackson

Live Production

Nyasa Jackson is a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Communication program at Sacred Heart University, with a concentration in Digital Media Production. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Media Studies from Rutgers University in 2015. 

While at Rutgers, she was involved with organizations like the Rutgers Performing Dance Company, The Collaborative’s Mentoring Program, and the All-Stars Project, Inc. Nasa has had the pleasure of gaining previous media experience with companies such as Jane Street Entertainment, RVision, and the Big Ten Network. Her time is currently spent as an Associate Photo & Video Editor for

Upon graduation in August, Nyasa plans to combine her production training with her other passions: music and dance, aiming to one day become a music video director.

Abbas Khoduri.jpg

Abbas Khoduri

Live Production

Abbas Khoudri is a graduate student in the Master of Communication program at Sacred Heart University and is a specialist in digital media and communication. Abbas has developed skills throughout his experience and has earned his bachelors degree in Public Relations Mass Communications from a university in Saudi Arabia. He has also studied Master Preparation Program at the University of Southern California and has worked with professional students from New York Film Academy. Abbas is a very culturally diverse individual who has the skills needed to achieve whatever he puts his mind to. 

During one of his internships in Saudi Arabia, Abbas had an opportunity to communicate and interact with foreign English speaking visitors that came to Saudi Arabia during a pilgrimage in Mecca. He shot a short video of the people who came and made a digital magazine for the institution that houses the visitors as guests.

In his first internship at Sacred Heart University, he worked with Kathy Dilks, the director of the international graduate students affairs. They collaborated together and created a welcoming video for the graduate students at Sacred Heart University. They also created a video for one of her assistants.

Abbas is now hoping to learn more about Maya, the software for making 3D animation. He also has a screenplay that he helped create, and he looks forward to taking the first steps in bringing it to life.

Abbas has a goal of finding a job in the media industry. He could be a
filmmaker, director, producer, writer, a magazine designer, or an animation creator.


Ibraheem Adebanjo

Live Production

Ibraheem Adebanjo has always been passionate about storytelling. His passion for immersive media led him to Sacred Heart to advance his career in Media Production. His experience extends across a wide range of media platforms including media marketing, content creation, film, & television broadcast.

Ibraheem is keen on the integration of new media and technology to drive compelling narratives across all media. Ibraheem is also an avid sports fan; there’s nothing like competition!