Faith Daniels, Moderator

Millions of viewers know Faith Daniels for her role as an anchor, host and correspondent on some of America’s most popular network news and talk show programs. She started her career at CBS News on the "CBS Morning News" making her one of the youngest national news anchors in history. From CBS she went on to work for NBC as a news anchor for the "Today Show" and "News at Sunrise." 

Daniels served as a substitute anchor on CNN and Court TV, and she hosted several syndicated projects including an Elvis Presley retrospective, a Christmas special, and 'Today's Health". Faith also had a lead role in the 2006 Barry Levinson film, "Man of the Year" with Robin Williams.
Daniels is an accomplished media consultant, working with CEOs and executives on strategic messaging and delivery skills. She's consulted on major national product release announcements and worked with strategic business leaders, script editors and television and event production teams. Additionally, Daniels has successfully envisioned, designed and executed a 1.5 million-dollar capital campaign for a national charity.