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Celebrating the 6th Annual SHU Media Exchange
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(Fairfield, CT – May 17, 2017) Sacred Heart University’s School of Communications and Media Arts (SCMA) will be hosting the 6th annual SHU Media Exchange with an interactive and live discussion titled Fake News, Real Problems: Journalism and Education in the Digital Era. The free event, produced entirely by graduate students, will be streamed live on WSHU Public Radio and take place at Sacred Heart University on June 22nd 2017 at 6PM in the Martire Business and Communications Center.

Former NBC/CBS News anchor Faith Daniels will return as the moderator for this year’s event. The other members of our expert panel will include:

·      Simon T. Bailey - a motivational, Hall of Fame speaker and best-selling author.

·      Ellen McDonald - a retired former National Public Radio news executive.

·      Professor Belinha De Abreu - a media literacy educator expert.

All three panelists will have an opportunity to discuss their thoughts and raise their voices on today’s issues regarding “fake news” and how it is impacting our society causing real problems. This same courtesy is given to every guest that attends the event as well!  

Faculty advisor Joseph Alicastro, who is the event advisor and the Director of News and Broadcasting for the University, believes that this year’s topic is crucial to the foundation of our democracy, stating: “I do worry that many Americans are not getting their information from reliable sources of information…”

Professors, staff and students are all working extremely hard and are eagerly awaiting this year’s forum. Alicastro comments, “Approximately 40 students are all working together towards a shared goal of creating a meaningful program and exploring an important issue in the media industry. Because the topic of fake news is so important and so ‘in the news’, I’m more excited than ever about the prospects of this year’s SHU Media Exchange.”

In addition to the open forum, the Media Exchange highlights the graduate students and their talents, giving attendees a hands-on look at what the School of Communication and Media Arts graduate program has to offer. Guests are also invited to continue the conversation, and network with industry professionals, alumni and students at a post event reception. Tours of the facility will be offered.

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About SHU Media Exchange
The SHU Media Exchange connects students from Sacred Heart University’s Master of Arts in Communication Program (MACOMM) with established professionals and innovative leaders from the media industry. Since 2012, the SHU Media Exchange has provided the students in MACOMM the opportunity to put their skills and knowledge to the test by having them design, create, and put on an entirely live streamed event for the public.