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Sarah Klaum

Producer, Pre/Post Production

Sarah Klaum is a 23 year old graduate student in the Masters of Communication Program here at Sacred Heart University focusing her degree on Digital Multimedia production. In May of 2016 Sarah received her Bachelor in Arts Degree for Media Arts and a minor in Theatre Arts from Sacred Heart University as well. Along with her work in her major, Sarah was involved in over 20 Theatrical Productions at Sacred Heart, both on and offstage.  

Sarah is originally from Huntington, New York, but decided to make the move to Fairfield, CT permanent during her one-year graduate program. As an Undergraduate at Sacred Heart, Sarah was an avid member of the Theatre Arts Program, serving on their Executive board for three years, as both the Fundraising Chair and Advertising Chair.  As the Advertising Chair, she ran all social media for the largest club on Sacred Heart’s Campus. Other experience includes working as a Video Intern for the Diocese of Bridgeport with The Leadership Institute, free lance work with the Theatre Arts Program and The Student Life Department at Sacred Heart University, and most recently, Sarah has been chosen as a summer intern for RNN-TV in Rye Brook, NY.

After graduating in August 2017, Sarah would like to pursue her career in video editing and production. 


Raymond Corriea 

Producer, Pre/Post Production

As a graduate of Sacred Heart University who majored in Media Studies, Raymond is now enrolled in the MACOMM program with a concentration in Digital Multimedia Productions. He has developed a passion for film producing, directing, editing, camera operating and screenwriting, in which he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Media Studies in May of 2015. On campus, Ray has previously been involved in Pioneer Magazine and SHUBox. Off campus, he has worked for several internships including Pyewackitt Productions, The Voice Advertising Agency, Easton Community Center and GoodSport. After he completes his studies in 2018, Ray hopes to pursue a career in filmmaking and production; whether it’s film, television or video. He also has a passion for photography and writing, which in his own words, “Expands the horizons of maintaining my craft.”


Fun fact: Ray is also a songwriter, poet and musician who can play guitar, bass, drums, piano, harmonica and percussion.


Arwa Abduljalil

Pre/Post Production

Arwa Abduljalil is a graduate student currently completing her degree in the Masters of Communication: Digital Multi Media Production program, at Sacred Heart University.

Arwa earned her Bachelors in Art Education-Print Design and Advertisement while attending university in her home country of  Saudi Arabia. After she receiving her B.A., she worked as a lecturer for six-month teaching within her field at Umm Al-Qura university. She traveled to the U.S. in order to complete her education.

Upon graduation this summer, Arwa hopes to continue her career in digital multimedia production.

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Hadeel Alhowaiti

Pre/Post Production

Hadeel Alhowaiti is a first year graduate student in the Masters of Communication program at Sacred Heart University, focusing her degree on Multimedia Production. Don’t let her short time in the program fool you; Hadeel has developed a wide variety of talents throughout her undergraduate career. Hadeel earned her Bachelors in Communications and Journalism from King Abdulaziz University, graduating class of 2012 with first honor. While an undergraduate, Hadeel completed two internships and held several leadership positions which have led her to be a journalist at Almadinah newspaper, the oldest newspaper in Saudi Arabia.

Upon graduation next summer, Hadeel is looking forward to creating her own business, and build her company focusing on photography, advertising and public relations.


Hanadi Almalki

Pre/Post Production

Hanadi Almalki is a first-year graduate student in the Masters of Communication program at Sacred Heart University focusing her degree on Multimedia Production. Hanadi Earned her Bachelors in Communication Journalism from King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. While an undergraduate, Hanadi was involved as a volunteer in many different positions in the media field, and held several leadership positions. Hanadi completed her internships with SHU Public Radio Station as a photojournalist.

Upon graduation this winter, Hanadi hopes to continue her career in Digital Media Multimedia Production as photographer and videographer and continue to grow her communications and skills.


Hussain Alshehri

Pre/Post Production

Hussain is a reporter for MBC, which is the largest network in Middle East.  He has eight years experience working within the field, and he was the only Arab reporter on the world cup tour in 21 countries in 2014. He has completed more than 400 reports during his work time. Also, he writes articles for various newspapers.

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Joy Daniels

Pre/Post Production

Joy Daniels, is a native of Bridgeport, CT. She has also lived in both of the Carolinas, where she spent both her high school and undergraduate years. She studied “Organizational Communication” at Pfeiffer University, in Charlotte, NC. She received her Bachelors from Pfeiffer in 2005.

For several years, Joy worked for the ArtSpace Gallery, in New Haven. She had hand in their yearly festival the “City Wide Open Studios” and she did photography for many of their events, website, and blog.

She is now studying Digital Multi-Media Production at Sacred Heart, in hopes of working in Broadcasting after she graduates. She also has a radio show on Sacred Heart’s station WHRT called “Joy’s Corner”. You can hear her Wednesday’s 3pm – 5pm.

Marwan Aljohani.jpg

Marwan Aljohani

Pre/Post Production

Marwan Aljohani received his Bachelor of Arts degree of Media and public relation from King Abdul-Aziz University, after which he decided to continue his education in Sacred Heart’s Master in Communication Program, concentrating in Digital Multimedia Production.

He worked in Saudi Arabia at the Royal Commission department of media and public relation as media coordinator, and worked for Okaz newspaper for two years as journalist. Also, he was a coordinator of the organization of marketing and media affairs at the manufacturing Arabia Forum.

Marwan looks forward to networking and continuing to develop his skills within the Communications and Digital Multimedia Production.


Mohammed Almutairi

Pre/Post Production

Mohammed Almutairi is an international student from Saudi Arabia. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Al-Imam University in Riyadh. Mohammed majored in Public Relations after which he decided to continue his education overseas. In January 2016 Mohammed joined Sacred Heart’s Master of Communication Program, concentrating in Digital Media and Journalism. Currently, he is a full-time student at Sacred Heart and will graduate by the end of this year 2017. After graduation, he will be using the skills that he has learned to produce news packages and short movies. 

Sara .JPG

Sarah Algtmi

Pre/Post Production

Sarah Algtmi is currently pursuing her Masters in Communications: Digital Multimedia Production at Sacred Heart University. She was not satisfied with her undergraduate studies when she was at studying at the university. However, she has discovered that she has a passion in media production. 

Through class and experience Sarah brings not only passion, but new and unique ideas to any project she works on. She is well versed in writing scripts, recording films and telling stories through her photography. She believes in the power of media which is the bridge that translates and delivers important messages. She has worked hard to learn how to employ state-of-the-art digital tools for media content creation.

Religion, humanity, the responsibility of media, and the love of individuals are her motivation to work in the media field. She has written several scripts for some media institutions. Currently, she is recording several films, and she is working to reach her dream, to be a successful short film producer.


T'Ana Pertillar

Pre/Post Production

T’Ana Pertillar, of Springfield, MA, is a graduate student at Sacred Heart University. She is working towards her earning her degree in Digital Multimedia & Journalism and hopes to find a job after graduation that will allow her to combine her skills in all things multimedia while simultaneously helping the community.

During the school year, T’Ana is a florist as well as a photographer for Three Girls & CO. She can be contacted at


Tifani Gay

Pre/Post Production

Tifani Gay graduated from University of Bridgeport with a bachelors in Mass Communication in May 2016. Her passions soon led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Digital Multimedia Journalism at Sacred Heart University.

Graduation is fast approaching and she can’t wait to show the world what she’s learned.  She is extremely confident in her field thanks to the hands on experience she acquired in the MACOMM program.

After graduation, Tifani wants to further her career in the broadcasting and entertainment industry.


Walaa Sallum

Pre/Post Production

Wall Sallum is a first year graduate student in the Masters of Communication program at Sacred Heart University, with a focus in Multimedia Production. In her short time in the program, Walaa has developed a wide variety of talents throughout her undergraduate career. Walaa earned her Bachelors in Communications from King Abdulaziz University, the graduating class of 2012.

While an undergraduate, Walaa completed two internships with Mix FM the most popular radio station in Saudi Arabia, and held several leadership positions after she graduated. She also has experience working as a Digital Marketing Planner for two years which develop her strong organizational skills.