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Fouad Almalke

Producer, Pre/Post Production

Fouad Almalke is a graduate student currently completing his degree in the Master of Arts: Communication-Digital Multimedia Journalism at Sacred Heart University. He is one of the producers for Media Exchange 2018. He has been working within the field of media since 2006. He worked as a journalist for several Saudi newspapers, such as Al-Nadwa, Arabian Women, Saudi Auto, Al-Sharq, and Makkah newspapers. After 8 years of working for newspapers, he got an offer from MBC1 which is one of the biggest channels in the Middle East to be a TV reporter in 2014. He covered many live events and produced a different type of news and feature stories about Saudi society, politics, sport, culture and art news. His stories were for different shows, such as MBC News, MBC in A Week, and Good Morning Arab Show. After two years, he made a decision to continue his master’s degree in the United States. Now, he is working for Al-Watan Newspaper as a journalist from the US since 2016. Recently, he covered the most important event which was the visit of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman to the United States from New York City.

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Julia Cupolo 

Pre/Post Production

Julia Cupolo is a graduate student from Stewart Manor, NY in the Master of Communication Program (Digital Multimedia Production) at Sacred Heart University. In May of 2017, Julia received her Bachelor of Science Degree for Psychology from Sacred Heart University.

During her undergrad, she took up a minor in sports media and worked as a Classroom Learning Assistant for a digital editing class, which inspired her to start a career in media. Since then, Julia has worked for many internships/programs such as NESN’s Next Producer contest (season 2), Goodsport, the New England Auto Museum and Sacred Heart’s International Admissions department. She was also a part of the Sacred Heart Varsity Fencing team and helped them reach their first victory in the Northeast Conference Championships in 2014.

After joining the MACOMM program, Julia became the official photographer for the Sacred Heart fencing team and continues to improve her videography, photography and editing skills.

After graduating in August 2018, Julia would like to pursue her career in video editing and production and is looking forward to utilizing her skills in her future career.

Salam Qumsiyeh - Pre_Post Production.jpg

Salam Qumsiyeh

Pre/Post Production

Salam Qumsiyeh graduated from Birzeit University in Palestine in 2013 with a Bachlor’s degree in Radio and Television. After graduation, she worked in a local news agency, a radio station, and a TV station in her home country, as well as some other volunteering and internships in the media field. In 2017, she received the Fulbright scholarship and chose Sacred Heart University to complete her Masters. She is currently doing an internship at the United Nations’ Headquarters in the Department of Information. When she returns home to Palestine, she aims to work on producing stories of the people there, which is what got her to study journalism in the first place. She wants to share the truth about Palestine that the international audience doesn’t usually know through mainstream media.

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Patrick Devir

Pre/Post Production

Patrick Devir is currently a full time graduate student enrolled in the Master’s of Communication (MACOMM) program at Sacred Heart University. In addition to receiving a Master’s degree in Digital Multimedia Productions, he attended Sacred Heart as an undergrad, where he studied Communications, with a concentration in Sports Media. During his tenure as a graduate student, he worked as a video production and graphic design assistant for the minor league baseball team, the Bridgeport Bluefish and a social media-marketing intern for Advanced Therapy and Performance, an athletic training group based in Stamford and Norwalk, CT. He is currently the media coordinator for Advanced Therapy and Performance. With experience in video production, audio production, photography, post-production editing, and social media management, he has come to heavily appreciate the role media plays in today’s world. He looks forward to utilizing his Master’s degree when he receives it in August.

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Aubrey Quinlan 

Pre/Post Production

Aubrey Quinlan is a full time graduate student at Sacred Heart University pursuing a Master’s degree in Communication focusing on Digital Multimedia Production, and will graduate in August of 2018. Aubrey also has a Bachelor’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and graduated early in December of 2016. Aubrey has experience working with video production from working on numerous projects for classes, holding a video production internship position with the Athletic Communication department at SHU, and also a video production and social media internship with Advanced Therapy and Performance. Aubrey is fascinated with the world of television and she enjoys everything from writing, filming, producing, and editing video content. Upon graduation, Aubrey hopes to work for a late-night television talk show, or one day write for a T.V. show in the future.

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Joelle Schrock

Pre/Post Production

Joelle is happy to be a part of this year’s SHU Media Exchange in the pre and post production group. She enjoys creating content and telling stories through both photo and video. Before enrolling in the SCMA program, Joelle completed her undergraduate degree at Eastern CT State University as a Communications major with a concentration in journalism, and also received a minor in writing. In addition to her time as a graduate student, she is a motivated young professional and currently works as a Producer at WSHU Public Radio Group, the public radio member station on SHU’s main campus. Joelle also runs her own photography business and has worked with clients in a wide array of genres including lifestyle, weddings and travel.

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Pre/Post Production

Amani Alyamani is a photojournalist. Since 2008, she has been working and documenting Saudi news for two newspapers in Saudi Arabia. Her work aims to show a real news, highlighting issues of Saudi society. In September 2012, she received her BA in Journalism at KAU and in August, she will earn her MA in Digital Multimedia Journalism at SHU.

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Pre/Post Production

Tyler Weed is a graduate student at Sacred Heart University in the MACOMM program. He is a strong communicator who enjoys working in a team environment. He has an undergraduate degree from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA in Communications Studies with an emphasis on Electronic Media and Video Production. His experience is mostly in the world of video editing, but he also has experience in production and displays proficiency in writing. Tyler has worked as a Studio Production Intern at the CTV-21 Television Station in Newtown, CT. He has skills in many Adobe products including Premiere, Photoshop, Bridge, as well as experience with Final Cut Pro and Television Production equipment. After this program Tyler hopes to work as a video editor, producing high quality video content.

Mohammed Alsarhan - Pre_Post Production.JPG

Mohammed AlSARHAN

Pre/Post Production

Mohammed Alsarhan is a graduate student at SHU, where he is currently studying for his masters in digital media journalism. During his undergraduate years at KSU, he worked with his school on many projects. As an undergrad, he interned at Saudi Ministry of interior. In addition, he has worked as a volunteer for many organizations: such as early childhood care, development, and patient care. Since he became a part of the SHU community, it has become his home and he strives to accomplish more at Sacred Heart than when he was an undergrad at KSU.

Amy Rajpolt  - Pre_Post Production.jpg


Pre/Post Production

Amy Rajpolt is a full-time graduate student attending Sacred Heart University pursuing a Master’s of Communication degree focusing on Digital Multimedia Production (December 2018). She graduated from Bryant University with a Bachelor’s of Science undergraduate degree specializing in Marketing and Communications in May 2017. Amy has experience with both photography and videography through a variety of academic projects, non-profit/charity marketing efforts and her current work with AV Davey Audio Visuals. While at Bryant, Amy gained hands-on multimedia experience through her projects in Sports Media Production, Narrative Filmmaking, and Advanced Television courses. Amy is intrigued by both television and motion picture, has a great interest in live production and video production, and is passionate about photography. She enjoys seeing all the moving parts of a production come together to create a finished product that viewers will enjoy. After graduation, Amy’s career aspirations include either working for a media company or producing videos for corporate or non-profit organizations.