The 8th Annual SHU Media Exchange


The Full Story: Facing the Facts; A Hard Look at the News

Featuring Ron Ropiak, host of The Full Story on WSHU Public Radio
Sacred Heart University’s School of Communication, Media, and the Arts, in partnership with WSHU Public Radio, presents The Full Story: Facing the Facts; A Hard Look at the News. This event will be a live panel version of WSHU Public Radio’s daily broadcast of The Full Story, featuring its host, Ron Ropiak, who will discuss the importance of media literacy, the ever-changing challenges for modern journalists, as well as advice and analysis from experts in the media field. Join us for this event on Thursday, June 6th, 2019 at The Martire Center for Business and Communications.

The SHU Media Exchange is an annual event produced entirely by students in Sacred Heart University’s MACOMM program. It serves as a cumulative project that showcases the skill sets gained by students through their studies and experiences in the program.The Exchange is a lively forum that invites experts and veterans in their respective fields to participate as panelists and lead an open and interactive discussion with students and the public on current media-related issues.

highlights from the 2019 SHu media exchange

photos from the 2019 Shu media Exchange


Highlights from the 2018 shu Media Exchange


Photos from the 2018 shu media Exchange


Photos from the 2017 shu media Exchange