Julia Romano

Senior Producer, Outreach & Web Design

Julia Romano is a second year graduate student in the Masters of Communication (MACOMM) program at Sacred Heart University focusing her degree on Corporate Communication and Public Relations. Julia earned her Bachelors in Communications from Sacred Heart University, graduating class of 2015. While an undergraduate, Julia completed four internships, held several leadership positions and graduated top of her program, being awarded the Gold Medal of Excellence. Nothing less to be expected as a graduate student, throughout the MACOMM program, Julia has taken every advantage to grow and develop her love for event coordination and marketing. She works as the Student Activities Graduate Assistant at Sacred Heart University, served as the Outreach Producer on the 2016 Media Exchange and is back again as the Senior Producer overseeing the Outreach and Web teams on the 2017 Media Exchange.

Upon graduation and the completion of her assistantship this summer, Julia wants to continue her career in event management. She is willing to relocate and hopes to continue to grow her communication and marketing abilities.

To view more about Julia and her experiences, please visit her online portfolio at www.jaruncapped.com or connect with her on LinkedIn. 


Harris Shovelin

Producer, Outreach & Web Design

Harris Shovelin is completing the first year of his Master of Arts in Communications at Sacred Heart University. After career stints in the restaurant industry and government contracting, he decided to make a career out of his passion for journalism and digital media by enrolling in the MACOMM program.  

Visiting friends, family, and old colleagues in Washington, DC and North Carolina is one of his favorite activities. He hopes to pursue a career in government or investor relations.

Harris received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and resides with his wife and cat in Middletown, CT.



Harshal Varpe

Producer, Outreach

Harshal Varpe is pursuing his Master’s in Communications with a concentration in Corporate Communications and Public relations.  An Ex professional dancer from India, Harshal thrives on creativity. He was responsible for the marketing and communications of big entertainment companies like Shiamak Davar International (India) Pvt Ltd and ZEUS Entertainment where he helped both organizations grow and develop their business.

Harshal is very enthusiastic about many causes and has volunteered with many  Nonprofit organizations. He was responsible for the administration for Victory Arts Foundation and worked as a volunteer on a suicide prevention helpline with Connecting Trust.

Currently, Harshal works as a Graduate Assistant with the Office of Graduate and International students Affairs at Sacred Heart University and is in charge of graduate student life.

Harshal’s varied and enriching work experience has given him a good sense of merging creativity and business together which makes him an ideal candidate for any media company.


Richard Wrigley

Assistant to the Producer, Outreach & Web Design

Richard Wrigley, an experienced mass communicator, is only a few months away from completing his graduate degree in the Masters of Communication: Corporate Comm. & PR, here at Sacred Heart University.

During his formative time here at SHU, Richard had the pleasure of interning for the Sierra Club of Connecticut. While working for the Sierra Club, he provided photo, video, and written coverage of major events. He also completely rebooted the organizations social media presence online, and is currently putting the finishing touches on the brand new website he has designed for the organization. It is scheduled to go live in July of 2017.

Although Richard has learned a great deal here at SHU, his experiences are not solely those gained in the rigors of academia. He has also served as a Strategic Mass-Communicator for seven years in the U.S. Army. His experiences and achievements span from producing award-winning print journalism to leading a 20,000-plus-size-organization’s communications team, and nearly everything in between.

Upon graduating in August of 2017, he hopes to apply all of his skills and abilities to help an organization that strives to better the state of Connecticut’s environment and Public/Wild spaces.

To learn more about Richard: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardwrigley1/


Abdullah Alhamoudi

outreach & Web Design

Abdullah Alhamoudi is in his last semester as a graduate student at Sacred Heart University, studying for his master in Corporate Communications and Public Relations. He has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Media and Public relations from Imam Mohammed Bin Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

His foreign experience has helped him a lot when coming to study in the United States because he had the opportunity to experience two different cultures.

Abdullah’s goals after graduation are to get a good position in a public relations department and to continue his passion for corporate communications.


Amanda White

outreach & Web Design

Amanda White will soon be a graduate of Sacred Heart University with a Masters Degree in Corporate Communications with a focus in Public Relations. Amanda has recently finished two internships, one for the Marketing and Communications Department at Sacred Heart University and the other with the Connecticut After School Network. She applied the skills she acquired from her classes to succeed at these internships.

Throughout her studies and other work experiences, Amanda learned how to write press releases and utilize social media. She also became thoroughly acquainted with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Amanda will be graduating in August 2017 and would like to work for a college or university. Her internship with Sacred Heart University really helped her find the path that she would like to take her career on. She is hoping she will find an inviting work environment where she can further develop and grow successfully in the communications field.


Bethany Gordon

outreach & Web Design

Bethany Gordon is a current graduate student in the Masters of Communication program at Sacred Heart University, focusing her degree on Corporate Communications and Public Relations. While completing her degree as a full-time student, she also balances a full-time job working as a Public Relations Assistant for Southwest Community Health Center. At the health center, Bethany is responsible for a wide variety of responsibilities such as designing advertisements, managing social media, and coordinating internal and external marketing strategies. While at work and in school, Bethany serves as a member of PRSSA and The National Honor Society. She also interns part-time, enjoys doing photography and traveling leisurely around the world.

Upon graduating in the early Fall, Bethany plans to continue working in Public Relations and enhancing her communications and marketing skills so that she can continue to grow in her field and accomplish her career goals.


Gail Hunt

outreach & Web Design

Gail, an accomplished event planning and communications professional, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate Communications from Southern Connecticut State University.  Shortly after graduating, she pursued her passion for travel and became an International Flight Attendant for American Airlines.  Her career then brought her to WSHU Public Radio, and most recent, to Great River Golf Club, as Event Manager in both capacities.

Gail’s love of learning brought her to Sacred Heart University, where her intention was to take just one Master’s level class.  Now nearly two years later, she will be graduating in August with a Masters of Arts degree in Corporate Communication and Public Relations.  After graduating, Gail would like to expand her career by focusing on her passion for branding and social media. When Gail is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and travelling.


Ghaliah Almuwallad

outreach & Web Design

Ghaliah Almuwallad is a first year graduate student in the Masters of Communication program at Sacred Heart University, concentrating her degree in Corporate Communication and Public Relations. Ghaliah graduated with Honors from Umm Al-Qurra University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia with a BA in Mass Communication. While an undergraduate, Ghaliah completed two internships and established herself as a strong communicator through her volunteer encounters.

She has a venturous spirit, loves travelling and is always open to new ideas and cultures. Ghaliah hopes to use her reputation for dependability and hard work to establish a career in event management upon graduation. 


Jean Kremer

Outreach & Web Design

A multi-cultural student, Jean Kremer is a first year graduate student in the Masters of Communication program at Sacred Heart University focusing his degree on Digital Media and Production.

Earning his Bachelor’s degree in Communications at the SUP DE COM school in Bordeaux, France, Jean has had a multitude of professional experiences, ranging from the organization of a High School Music Festival in his hometown of Bordeaux to now working as the manager of a café.

Following his graduation in the summer of 2018, Jean hopes to achieve his dream career in either of his two biggest passions: working for an Airline or in Motorsports as an Events/Communications coordinator.

John Grosso.jpg

John Grosso

Outreach & Web Design

John Grosso is a graduate student in the Masters of Communication program at Sacred Heart University focusing on Corporate Communication and Public Relations by night, and the Director of Social Media for the Diocese of Bridgeport by day. After graduating from Boston College in 2014, John has had experience working in a variety of different sectors, including the Obama White House, the Catholic Church, and as a communications consultant for small businesses. Shortly after accepting the offer to work at the Diocese of Bridgeport, John enrolled in Sacred Heart University to continue to diversify and expand his communications knowledge.


Upon graduation this summer, John hopes to continue to progress in his career, grow his communications skills, and serve as a Director of Communications for an organization.


Jomanah Khoj

Outreach & Web Design

Jomanah Khoj is close to completing her graduate degree in Communications with a focus on Digital Multimedia Production. Not only is she an enthusiastic student, but she serves as the president of the Saudi Students Club at Sacred Heart University.

Jomanah enjoys working in an environment that fosters motivation through positive energy. She enjoys acting as a team leader, and is passionate about her volunteer work. She hopes to start a volunteer organization in the future. 

You can learn more about Jomanah here: 


You can see some of her recent work here:



Louis Sklenarik.jpg

Louis Sklenarik

Outreach & Web Design

Louis Sklenarik is a full time, first year student in the Master of Communication program at Sacred Heart University focusing his career in Communication and Public Relations. Louis earned his Bachelors in Communications from Southern Connecticut State University, graduating in 2014 with a specialization in Advertising and Promotions. While an undergraduate Louis took on several internships including working for Fox Sports Radio, the New Britain Rock Cats (now the Hartford Yard Goats) and GEM Advertising.

Louis currently is employed by ESPN where he works as a Statistics Analyst and with Buick GMC of Watertown where he works as a Digital Marketing specialist. Upon graduation, he would like to work in the public relations field, with a particular interest in a professional sports organization. He hopes his experience in many communication roles, along with his education will make him an asset to any communications related position. 

Majeed Alsulemani.jpg

Abdulmajeed Alsulemani

Outreach & Web Design

Abdulmajeed Alsulemani is a graduate student in the Masters of Communication program at Sacred Heart University, focusing his degree on Digital Multimedia Productions. Abdulmajeed earned his bachelor degree in Mass Communications from King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, class of 2013. As an undergraduate, Abdulmajeed finished several internships in Media and PR field.

While Abdulmajeed's studies have been focused in the Digital Multimedia Productions, he chose to work on the Outreach team for the SHU Media Exchange in order to broaden and diversify his experience. 

Abdulmajeed came to the U.S. back in 2014 to learn English, earn his master’s degree in communications and eventually work as a video producer. In the long run, he aspires to have his own video production business. 

Hayley Morris.jpg

Hayley Morris

Outreach & Web Design

Hayley Morris received her Bachelor’s in Communication with a focus on Public Relations and a minor in Marketing from Central Connecticut State University. She is enrolled full time pursuing her Master’s in Corporate Communication and Public Relations in the MACOMM program at Sacred Heart University. She has interned at the Connecticut Forum and on numerous political campaigns.

When she’s not in school, Hayley enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as working to achieve her goal to become a Publicist for an entertainment PR Firm.

Fun Fact: Hayley writes her own lyrics and loves to sing


Reem Alharbi

Outreach & Web Design

Reem Alharbi is a graduate student in the Masters of Communication program specialized in Digital Multimedia Production at Sacred Heart University. Seem came to the United States with a Bachelor degree in Communication from King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia and four years of professional experience in a multilateral organization. Also, she earned a Marketing and Global Trade diploma from University of Washington. Her motivation to learn and succeed has never stopped. Besides her masters, Reem has held many volunteering positions here in United states such as marketing, customer services representative, and events planner. She is now completing her internship at a construction management company as a social media/marketing intern. 

Upon her graduation next Fall, Reem wants to gain more skills in Social media/marketing and add a new professional experience to her resume.

Catherine Hulme.jpg

Catherine Hulme

Outreach & Web Design

Catherine Hulme is a first year graduate student in the Masters of Communication program at Sacred Heart University focusing her degree on Corporate Communication and Public Relations. During Catherine’s time as an undergraduate she has developed skills involving writing and interpersonal communication. Catherine earned her Bachelors in Communications from Stonehill College, graduating class of 2016. While an undergraduate Catherine was one of two interns at a corporate event planning company based outside of Boston called TeamBonding. She learned the importance of multitasking as well as time managing. Her skills in communication excelled from this internship and she is interning in London this summer working on the social media for The New Craftsmen.

Once Catherine graduates, she hopes to pursue her passion in the communications field at a Public Relations firm and expanding her interpersonal communications skills by traveling and meeting new people. 



Jill Gray

Outreach & Web Design

Jillian Gray is currently a candidate for the Masters of Communication degree at Sacred Heart University, concentrating in Corporate Communication & Public Relations. In addition to her studies, she is currently working at Sacred Heart as a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Volunteer Programs and Service Learning, allowing herself to peruse her passions in service learning and community development. During Jill’s undergraduate years, she studied Business Administration while completing a variety of internships that have developed her into the strong, committed leader she is today.

Upon receiving her Masters, Jillian hopes to continue to pursue a career in strategic communications . Within her future endeavors she hopes to continue to grow in her academic skills and her ability to be a natural born leader.